AHL's Development Rule

Of the 18 skaters (not counting the two goaltenders) that teams may dress for a game, at least 13 must be qualified as "development players". Of those 13, 12 must have played in 260 or fewer professional regular season games (AHL, NHL or any European elite league*), and one must have played in 320 or fewer professional regular season games. All calculations for development status are based on regular-season totals before the start of the current season. Pro games in Europe while player is junior aged won't count.

Starting in 2020-21, players that are not age 25 by July 1st before the season, will be exempted from veteran status.
**Not currently with the team
Players Games Dev - 260 Dev - 320 Veterans
Amorosa, Terrance 5 X    
Baddock, Brandon 170 X    
Belzile, Alex** 239 X    
Bisson, Tobie 1 X    
Blandisi, Joseph 289   X X
Bourque, Gabriel 601     X
Brook, Josh 67 X    
Caufield, Cole** 0 X    
Dauphin, Laurent 312   X X
Desruisseaux, Cédric 0 X    
Ducharme, Justin 0 X    
Fleury, Cale 115 X    
Halbert, Nathanael 5 X    
Harvey-Pinard, Rafaël 0 X    
Hawel, Liam 0 X    
Hillis, Cam 0 X    
Khisamutdinov, Arsen 40 X    
Lucchini, Jake 76 X    
Olofsson, Gustav 238 X    
Ouellet, Xavier 441     X
Pezzetta, Michael 87 X    
Poehling, Ryan 64 X    
Schueneman, Corey 50 X    
Teasdale, Joël 0 X    
Veilleux, Yannick 329     X
Vejdemo, Lukas 215 X    
Weal, Jordan 482     X
Ylönen, Jesse 53 X    
*European Elite Leagues: The following leagues qualify as leagues that contribute to ones veteran or veteran exempt status. National League A (Switzerland), Czech Extraliga (Czech Republic), Slovak Extraliga (Slovakia), Kontinental Hockey League (Russia), Swedish Hockey League/Swedish Elite League (Sweden), Liiga (Finland) and Deutsche Eishockey Liga (Germany).