Waivers Infos
*Based on the age that the player had on September 15 of the season he started playing pro while under an NHL contract, he doesn't require waivers to be send in the minor for a certain number of seasons (ex: 3 for a 20 year old forward/dmen) and would immediately require waivers once he played a certain number of NHL games (ex: 160 for a 20 year old forward/dmen). (number based on games played in 2013-14 and before)
Players 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021 Games*
Allen, Bryan Yes              
Andrighetto, Sven No No Yes         160
Beaulieu, Nathan No Yes           108
Bennett, Mac No No No Yes       60
Bournival, Michaël No Yes           69
Bowman, Drayson Yes              
Bozon, Tim - No No No Yes     80
Carr, Daniel No No No Yes       60
Condon, Mike No No Yes         60
Crisp, Connor No No No Yes       160
de la Rose, Jacob No No No No Yes     160
Desharnais, David Yes              
Dietz, Darren No No Yes         160
Drewiske, Davis Yes              
Dumont, Gabriel Yes              
Eller, Lars Yes              
Ellis, Morgan No Yes           138
Emelin, Alexei Yes              
Flynn, Brian Yes              
Fournier, Stefan No No Yes         80
Fucale, Zachary - No No No No Yes   80
Galchenyuk, Alex No Yes           24
Gallagher, Brendan Yes              
Gilbert, Tom Yes              
Gonchar, Sergei Yes              
Grégoire, Jérémy - No No No Yes     160
Hudon, Charles No No No Yes       160
Lernout, Brett No No No No Yes     160
MacDonald, Joey Yes              
MacMillan, Mark - No No No Yes     60
Malhotra, Manny Yes              
Markov, Andrei Yes              
McCarron, Michael No No No No Yes     160
Mitchell, Torrey Yes              
Nygren, Magnus No No Yes         60
Pacioretty, Max Yes              
Parenteau, P.A. Yes              
Pateryn, Greg No Yes           57
Petry, Jeff Yes              
Plekanec, Tomas Yes              
Price, Carey Yes              
Prust, Brandon Yes              
Scherbak, Nikita - No No No Yes     160
Smith-Pelly, Devante No Yes           73
Subban, P.K. Yes              
Tangradi, Eric Yes              
Thomas, Christian No Yes           140
Thrower, Dalton No No No Yes       80
Tinordi, Jarred No Yes           108
Tokarski, Dustin Yes              
Weaver, Mike Yes              
Weise, Dale Yes